Winter Foursomes

MCLGA Winter Foursomes Draw 2012-2013
Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) may be used in MCLGA competitions only if the relevant LOCAL RULE has been adopted by the course in question. Devices that measure functions in addition to distance (e.g.altitude, temperature) are not permitted in any circumstances, even if these functions are switched off.

Match Play foursomes - 1/2 difference between aggregate handicaps of each side. If not challenged you should contact the challenger to expedite the arrangement of the tie. Three dates must be given one of which must be at a weekend. Email results to Sheila Stuart or telephone 0131 339 0894

Winners: Jacky Burnett and Letty MacKinnon

1st Round by 20 October 2013 2nd Round by 24 November 2013 3rd Round by 12 January 2014 4th Round by 23 February 2014 Semi Finals by 30 March 2014 Final by 28 April 2014
Sandra Hennessy and Caroline McIntosh (Broomieknowe)

Sheila McEwan and Linda Boyle (Harburn)
Hilary Anderson and Anita Flight (Craigmillar Pk)

May Hardy and Nook Weir (Baberton)
Helen Ross and Maggie Pringle (Turnhouse)

Fiona Smith and Dorothy Wilson (Harburn)
Sandra Kempston and Fiona Tyrrell (Craigmillar Pk)
Ann White and Carol Robertson (Liberton)
Jackie Burnett (Broomieknowe) and Letty McKinnon (Kingsknowe)

Frances Douglas and Dot Liddell (Ravelston)
Mairi Pollock (Craigmillar Pk) and Margaret Allen (Prestonfield)
Joan Gilbert and Dorothy Cowan (Ratho Pk)
Moira Poyser and Catriona Martin (Merchants)

Jane Neville (Murrayfield) and Amanda Liddell (Ratho Pk)
Gail Joughin and Wilma Gill (Merchants)
Laura Reekie and Ann Barr (Baberton)

Margaret Fergusson and Rosie Dennis (Murrayfield)

Morag Wardrop and Mandy McBain (Turnhouse)

Ray Lynch and Lynn Wilson (Murrayfield

Margaret Dalrymple and Kate Brown (Baberton)

Evelyn Hogg and Maureen Cockburn (Liberton)

Maureen Stewart and Jane Browitt (Glencorse)

Moira Kinnear and Fiona Hume (Liberton)

Gill Anderson and Elinor Davidson (Ravelston)

Fiona Findlay and Pat Meikle (Lochend)

Susan Randall and Susie Williamson (Swanston)

Liz Calder and Susan Rennie (Turnhouse)

Trudy Burnett and Margaret MacConnachie (Swanston)

Mary Irvine and Anne Wheelhouse (Ratho Pk)

Vall Hallam and Phyl Early (Glencorse)

Collen Derighetti and Jaci Moriarty (Lochend)

Sandra  Dickson and Marion Glauch (Mortonhall)

Isobel Hallidayand Marian Duff (Merchants)

Carol Clark and Mary Richardson (Craigmillar Pk)
Diane Moncrief (Lochend) and Suzanne Ireland (Prestonfield)
Alison Mitchell and Katrina McKinlay (Ratho Pk)

Hazel Deerness and Janet Graham (Harburn)
Janet Hardie and Elaine Wilson (Harburn)
Dorothy Silver and Barbara Duduid (Ravelston)